Wow, thank you so much Kara for nominating me for not one, but three awards!  Thank you so much!  I decided to do one award each day over the next three days, and on the last day, I will nominate some bloggers for all three awards!  First, I will do the adorable animal award!


Here are her questions!

Q:  What animal are you most afraid of?

A:  snakes!!! Especially poisonous ones.

Q:  what animal steals your heart every time you see it?

A:  kitties!!!!  I will include some extra cute pictures at the end of this post!

Q:  would you rather ride a saint Bernard or a lama?

A:  lama!!

Q:  would you rather be stung by a bee or a hornet?

A:  probably a bee.  At least I would know that it died after it stung me.

That was fun!  Here is a shout out of a giveaway on Madison’s blog!  She is giving away a Maryellen birthday dress!

Screen-Shot-2015-09-14-at-4.43.16-PM images (15) images (28)

Hope you loved it!  I cannot wait until tomorrow.  Bye!

_Samantha and her dolls


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