Award #2

Hey!  Looks like I also was nominated for the Liebster award!  (Sorry about no picture! . So now I shall answer  Kara’s questions!

Q:  Do you like coffee?

A:  no.

Q:  if you got a new doll, who would it be and what would it’s name be?

A:  I probably will not get any more dolls, but if I did, it would be #75 and her name would either be Taylor or Amelia.

Q:  Girly, tomboy, or both?

A:  I am pretty sure it is both.

Q:  If you were stranded on an island what three things would you want the most?

A:  lifetime supply of water, four wishes, and a refrigerator that stores unliminated food!

Q:  Hairstyling or painting nails?

A :  I cant really hair style because I have short hair, so I going to go with painting nails!

Q:  Skating or swimming?

A:  I have a pool, so swimming.

Q:  Who inspired your blog?

A:  Funwithagfan!

Q:  have you heard of the movies fire, courageous, nor facing the games?

A:  no.

Q:  YouTube or Netflix?

A:  I am more entertained by Netflix.

Q:  Crafty or sporty?

A:  I came home from  an hour and a half volleyball practice, then I crafted a beautiful memory book for my dad’s birthday.  So I think both.

Q:  soda or lemonade?

A:  lemonade flavored soda!😉

Q:  which season do you think is best for photography?

A:  I think spring!  It is always so beautiful outside and there are plenty of opportunities for a photo shoot!

I hope you liked it!  Are you bloggers anxiously waiting to see if you have been nominated tommorow?   I hope so!  Remember to follow, like, and comment!  It would also be cool if somebody reblogged a post of mine!  Bye

-Samantha And Her Dolls


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