Everybody Loves Updates!!!☺

OK, before you skip over this post because you do not think you want to read this, let me tell you some things:

1:  you probably do want to read this

2:  this includes really important stuff!!

That should have been explanation enough.  First part of updates, posts that are coming up!!!

-review of Maryellen accessories

-Review of Maryellen purple gingham school dress

-the hobo life story

  • photoshoot with Maryellen
  • Tour of classroom
  • Tour if Saige art room
  • Review of princess pet bed and pet ballerina outfit

I hope you are excited about upcoming posts!  Please vote in the comments what post you would like to see most!

I also need to tell you thing about Maryellen.  Did you really think that I would forget to put in the Meet the dolls page and forget to include her in a new family picture!?  Of course not!  So I am working on getting those two things up. I am also very excited to tell you about clay creations week!  I really like making food for mybdolls out of Sculpy clay!  As you might remember, I did quite a few tutorials how to make the clay food!  So that is what this week is about!!  There will be so many tutorials!  It might even last for more than a week!

Are you excited!  I am!  See you tomorrow!!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls!!


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