Review Of Matyellen’s Purple Gingham School Dress!

imageToday I have a review of Maryellen’s school outfit!  it is so pretty and authentic!  lets get started!


the Mary-janes are beautiful and so shiny!  the socks are also very well made!


The bottom skirt is puffy and the material is beautiful!  The plaid really sets off Maryellen’s eyes!  There is black lining all along the dress!


There are three black buttons on the bodice, but luckily you do not have to button them!  The dress Velcroes in the back!  There is also a black ribbon waistband!


The white on the neck makes the dress look layered!  Under the collar there is a pretend black necktie!


The dress also includes cap sleeves!


The headband is black with a stylish double bow!


Here it is on the doll!


I also finally took her high pony-tail out!  Here hair is wonderful and soft!

What is your rating?

five stars!

What is your favorite part about this item?

The top part of the dress!

would it work on another doll?

I think it could work as an Easter dress for a modern doll.

What could AG do better?

I think they could have included some Jewelry.

I hope you liked it!  Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


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