Maryellen: First time blogger and fashionista!


Hello all of you!  This is my first time on Samantha’s blog!  I am super excited!  Saiges let me be the fashionista today and I will be picking out some back to school outfits for my new sisters!  Let’s take a look at their thoughts!


Wow, Ellie!  Great job!  I absolutely love this!  I rate it four and a half out of five stars!  ( It would be five out of five, but I am supposed to be the fashion critic!)


No offense, Ellie, but I honestly don’t really like this.  The turtle neck is ill citing and the colors just do not match.  I rate it a two.


El, this just is not my style.   The skirt is not a good match to the top.  I rate it a three.


*staring in awe* FIVE!!!!!


And here is my beautiful and awesome outfit!!!!  I love it!



Well not everyone liked my choices but I hope you like them!  Comment with your favorites!  Bye!!!!


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