My New Doll House Make Over!!!!

Hello!  Today I will show you how I transitioned my doll area into a fall area!  I hope you are inspired to do this as well!


Here is the entire area!


My grandma knitted these seasonal blankets!   They are perfect to cozy up in on the chilly days!   My grandma also sewed the throw pillows! And I sewed the largest one!


I took all the pictures on the memo board and put up a horse riding certificate!  Saiges art purse and her art box make the perfect centerpieces!  The birds also found a home there!


Here is the table area!


I made a wall banner out of this leaf ribbon and also accented the table with it!


I put a glass manjerie on top of Kits paper box!


I filled this battery crate with a doll jam and clay produce!


And finally, I found this basket at Michaels and filled it with the pretend jam!

Hope you enjoyed!  Bye!


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