Tour Of Doll Classroom!!!


Hello!  I have  been working on a HUGE project these past few weeks… a doll Classroom!!  It really came together and I only had to go out and get the paper and shapes!  I hope you enjoy!!!


We have been memorizing root words in class, So I thought my Dolls

could as well!  The posters are pencil and the back of index cards!


Maryellen begged me to put A geography section in the class room!  I think one assignment will be to color in the map.


This section is dedicated to honoring students for character!  I had lots of certificates!


This scrapbook paper is perfect for art!  The basket is filled with supplies and I hung up some well known art master pieces!


Of course every Classroom needs a chalk board!


These are some of the science standards to learn about this year!!


Abcdefg….  Dolls love to read!


I think Emily looks like ateacher in this outfit!

Hope you liked it!  Comment on what you would change!  The Dolls are so excited for school!   Let me just clear some things up:  I do lots of huge projects like the Menchies and the bakery to name a few.  It is perfectly OK with me if you post your version of these projects on your blog, as long as you tell me and put my blog name in the credits.  I just wanted to make sure you knew that!  I would also love to see if you tried ANY of my crafts!  Just send me a pic at            bye!



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