Ode To Dear Caroline


Hello!  Since Caroline’s retirement is just three months away, I decided to recognize her with a very special post on this blog.  Let me just say, she is a beautiful doll and I honestly do not understand why AG retired her.  She has just come out in 2012!  Usually they wait many years to retire a historical.  But you could tell that she was getting less and less popular when she did not get a new Beforever outfit last September.  It would have been easier if they had retired her right then, to just rip the bandage off you know!  So I just wanted to hold a tribute to her and I included my favorite of her outfits.  Let’s take a look!

download (23)

Caroline has beautiful green eyes that no other doll had.  Her eyes were full of spunk and determination.

download (26)

All of the items in her collection were fantasticallyauthentic, right down to her incredible skiff.


download (25)

Her blond curls were gorgeous.  They set off her eyes and I loved how tight her curls were.

ddownload (24)

I just want to say that we are all sad that Caroline is leaving!  But things can look up!!  In this post, you get a chance to leave a message to poor Caroline!  She could really use some cheering up, so leave your message in the comments!  I will post the messages at some point next week.  Bye!  Don’t forget to give Caroline a message!

-Samantha and her dolls


8 thoughts on “Ode To Dear Caroline

  1. Goodbye Caroline! I remember being excited when you first came out (even though I never bought the doll). I too, will miss Caroline’s curls.

    According to one source I read, the Caroline doll sold really well herself, but her collection did not, which is why AG is retiring her.

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  2. Caroline I don’t want to see you go. I’ve always wanted you you’re a beautiful doll and I wouldn’t change you for the world. There is a beforever american irl doll sweepstakes thing and you can get any beforever doll of your choice. If I won I was REALLY going to get Addy but now If I win I might as well get you. Addy will be crushed and so will I. But ya, you will be missed

    From Kayla

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