Chasing Fireflies Doll Costumes!

Hello!  I recently got an interesting catalog in the mail.  The company was called catching fireflies, so i decided to take a peek in it.  Here is a little bit of the catalog:


It was a costume catalog!  I was amazed by the awesome detail put into the costumes!  I wanted to step into (almost) all of them.  But I also discovered that there were 18” doll costumes in there!  Each costume is about 30$.  So I will show you today all the doll costumes I saw!  lets take a look!

thumb (1)

70’s disco costume:

This is not only perfect for Halloween, but also for julie!  i love the authentic and detailed feel to it!

thumb (13)

Tootsie Roll costume:

This is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!  It is perfect for trick or treating!

thumb (2)

Candy Queen Costume:

This is a tiny bit little girlish, but kit could make it work.

thumb (4)

Witch Costume:

This is perfect!  i love it!


Polonesian Princess:

i love this!  Perfect for Summer too!

thumb (3)

Skeleton pajamas:

I love the idea of seasonal pajamas!

thumb (5)

monarch Buterfly:

this could work as a party dress!

thumb (6)

Glam Movie star:

Your doll can rock the award show in this piece!

thumb (7)

Pink Mermaid

You or your doll can be a beach beauty!

thumb (8)                             thumb (9)

These two faries are magical and mysterious!

thumb (10)

Arab genie:

so cute!

hope you liked it!  Bye!


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