Blogging 101: Pictures

Hello!  Today I decided to make a weekly section on my blog.  It will chronicle all of blogging wonders and mishaps you may encounter in the blogging journey.  Today’s theme is……………………  PICTURES!  pictures are a HUGE part of a blog and all bloggers can benefit from some of my tips.  So here they are!

Tip #1:  lighting

I have always found that lighting is an extreme problem.  ESPECIALLY when you are in a dim room.  But Don’t fret!  there are some easy tips for this dilemma.

  •  I have always found it very beneficial to take photos in natural light.  cloudy weather is perfect!  So use natural light as much as you can
  • However, natural light can sometimes be a problem on sunny days.  The sun can make your pics blurry and it can add unattractive glare to your photos.  So if you are shooting in the sun, bring out a white piece of poster board and block the use it to channel the light somewhere else. You can also ask an adult to set up a setting where you can channel the light anywhere you want on the camera.
  • If you must shoot indoors if you have to scene set up, use the three lighting positions.  you can position desk lights or flash lights to create a light for each position.  Here are the positions; left, right, and above her head.
  • You can also use the flash on your camera.

Tip #2:  cameras

You may have wondered which camera you can use.  Here are some things you need to know:

  • Most of my pictures on this blog are taken on my mom’s iPhone or the tablet provided by my school.  I mean you could use the super fancy digital cameras, but I once tried that and i had a terrible time uploading them.  So it is best if you can access a camera app AND the internet.
  • Oh yeah, if you are taking your pictures on a mobile device, GET A PHOTO EDITING APP!!!!

Tip #3:  The dreaded running-out-of-media-space-problem

I do not have too much experience with this because I have never had this problem.  But i have some tips that MAY help.

  •  So, I try to delete some of the media from useless posts each day.  It does not permanently delete the pic forever and ever, so it it does not delete from the post that the pic you just deleted was in.  So yeah.

So Those are my picture tips!  Please comment if it was helpful or if you have a better tip.  Here are some upcoming Blogging 101’s:

  • scenes
  • doll appearance
  • doll wardrobe

So yeah! Thanks for reading!   Bye!

-Samantha and her dolls

That post was 450 words long!!!  That is a lot of words!


12 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Pictures

  1. I always find lighting a problem, too! Half of my dolls pace is shadowed by my loft bed, so the lighting is always terrible! But yes, cloudy days are PERFECT lighting. Great tips!


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