Creative Costume Idea: 1920’s Flapper Girl For Your Doll!!!


Halloween season has arrived!  (And then thanksgiving and then FINALLY Christmas.  CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS!!!  Not like I’m excited for Christmas or anything…)  Anyways, have you ever wondered what your dolls should be for Halloween?  Believe me, i have been there, but you won’t thanks to the new October Only section of my blog!  It is called Creative Costume Ideas.  As you can tell, Kit is a flapper girl.  (You also might have also read the title of this post.)  Kit is usually quite the Tom Boy, but not for Halloween!  She informed me that she wanted to be fancy and girly for Halloween.  So i did some creative brainstorming and came up with the girliest costume there ever was:  a flapper girl.  I will show the entire costume to you and tell you how i made it.  Hopefully, it will inspire you too!


I did some reasearch, and I found that many flappers wore T-strap Mary Janes.  The ones on Kit are from Maryellen’s meet outfit!


There is quite an interesting story behind this dress.  While i was on the search for safety pins, I came across this very wide scarf like material.  I asked her where it was from and she informed me that her friend from college used to give her super weird stuff.  Turns out that the scarf like thing was a belly-dancer skirt!  It was very long so I knotted the fabric in the back and secured loose ends with safety pins.   Unlike me, you might not have a belly dancer skirt laying around.  But a scarf with sequins is also perfect for this costume!


to keep the dress up, i poked pins into her cloth body and through the fabric.


The headband was made from ribbon that was duct taped together.  i made the feather look more 3-dimensional by cutting it from craft foam.

So there is today’s costume idea!  It is so easy and i whipped it up in like 5 minutes!  I highly encourage you to try to make this costume.  I hope you enjoyed!  bye!

-Samantha and her dolls


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