The pumpkin patch part one


Told from Maryellen’s POV

Saiges and I walked down the sidewalk in the crisp autumn air.  We had just finished some arronds and we were off to the house for some warm hot chocolate and pumpkin bread.


” You should check the list that Kit gave you, Saige.  In case we missed something.”.   I got a murmured “alright” in return.


We were very tired and we had done every single thing on the list…


Except for one.  It told us to go to Hilly pumpkin patch to pick up pumpkins.


Suddenly, Saige burst out in anger! “Why did Kit make us do this!  She knows that Hilly is five entire miles away!”


“Uh…Why are you so mad?”. I dared to question her.


“Oh Kit just think that it’s alright for us to do all her work for her!  Well its not, and I am NOT walking five miles!  And I know that you don’t want to either!


” Saige, we could actually make this trip fun!  Besides, we need a little excersize and this is the perfect opportunity to do it!  Come on let’s get started!”.


I heard a little grumble in return, but we began to walk again.


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