Creative Costume Idea: Minnie Mouse!

Hello!  I just got ALL of my doll stuff organized!  I have a lot!  It is such a blessing to have it all.  <3. So I found that I also have a lot of polka dotted stuff!  So I got inspired to make a Minnie mouse costume!  And guess who was the first modeling volunteer… Maryellen!!!


This Minnie mouse costume was so fun to make!


Have you seen these shoes before?  You probably have not.  I found them at the dead bottom of my shoe bucket!  They go perfectly with the costume!


If you Google up “Minnie mouse”, you will find that she often has a little peek of her bloomers.  So the dress is actually a skirt that was the perfect length to show the bloomers!  The vest is from Kit’s reporter outfit and the gloves are from Maryellen’s meet outfit.


The necklace is from OG.


I made a red ribbon headband with mouse ears attached!  The bow is actually real sized for me.


Maryellen absolutely loves this costume!

So that was really fun!  I think I might do miss Piggie next!  Do you have any costume ideas for me to bring to life?  If so, you are strongly encouraged to post your ideas in the comments below!  And by the way, I just wanted to give a little about out to AG Lane!  Did you know that she actually sent me fan mail!  Thanks so much mya!  I loved everything you sent me!  So I hope you have a great evening!  Bye!


15 thoughts on “Creative Costume Idea: Minnie Mouse!

      1. Well, I really don’t care for star wars but the new movie is coming out in December. Tons of ppl are excited so u could make a princess lea costume


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