Californian Beauty: A Photoshoot


Why hello there!  I have not had a photoshoot in ages!  I think it is because of my disgusting hair.  Samantha does not know whether to straiten it or not!  I don’t blame her, after all, who would want to ruin their favorite Doll!  Anyways, today was a cloudy day and I needed to take Merigold for a walk!  I also put on one of my favorite fall outfits!


Here is the darling little pup!


If you could not tell, I am wearing Kit’s School outfit.


Have you ever seen me in a bun?  I think that I look quite dashing in this hair style!


Tweed is the perfect piece for fall.  Gorgeous knits also work!


Deep amethysts shades and gold go together quite nicely.


I think that this should be Samantha’s gravatar picture!


Hope you loved my photo shoot!! This is the last day to enter the giveaway!  Bye!


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