Saige The Interior Designer + An Updated Doll Room Tour!


Hello again Darlings!  It is Saige here!  My sisters recently imformed me that they wanted to have a new design for their room.  They said that since I was the most creative, I was perfect for the job!  Of course, I accepted and did a little research on interior design.  Luckily, Because of Samantha’s talents in reading and writing, She qualifies for a weekly Gifted class.  This year, the theme is design.  And Samantha chose Interior design to do a project on!  You can learn more about interior design HERE.


I decided to first make an inspiration board for the room.  Many professional interior designers go through this process.  To make your own inspiration board, you can paste anything that inspires you from a stack of macarons to a Justice sweater!


It is also very wise to plan out your space on graph paper!


Now for the room tour!


First, I will show you the things you have seen before such as the closet…


And the bunk beds.


I am very excited to show you this jewelry box that I turned into a night stand!  I love it so much!

I used one of the drawers to display all of our favorite books!  I also have a lamp for late night reading, a small container for random doo dads, and my new glasses and lipstick!


I put the original bedding on the trundle and bought new containers and pics for the memo board!


I also decorated the top of the bed.  We have an interest in minerals so there are three specimens up there.


And there has to be a space for the cat!


Here is the perfect flute practice spot!


And I also solved the desk problem!  Me and Kit have to share a desk so I combined both of our interests into one desk!


Hope you liked it! Bye!

Wow Saige!  Great job!  I love her sense of style!  BTW, I might get Grace for Christmas!  Bye!



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