Dolloween Parade+My Poodle Skirt Costume

Hello!  Thank-you to Geeky Girl for suggesting that I do a parade!  That was the winning suggestion and I had so much fun making floats!   Hope you like it!  And after you read the parade part, there are a few more treats at the end of this post!


Leading this parade is none other than Emily Bennet with her flute!


Emily is a distinguished flute player and marching band member!


The first float is Molly’s float!  As the oldest of the sisters, she is quite bookish and one one of her favorite Halloween stories is Edgar Allan Poe!


Her display is quite chilling, don’t you think?


The second float is Cleopatra’s float!!  Kit makes a wonderful Cleopatra as you saw Right Here.


Her display consists of Egyptian Trinkets and charms as well as many sacred cats and coffins!



And the final float holds the Candy Corn Girls!


Happy Dolloween!


Now here is my poodle skirt costume!  My grandma and I sewed the skirt, the crinoline, and my awesome mom decorated white sneakers to look like saddle shoes!


Here is the skirt!  It has an elastic waist and we used Mcalls pattern to make it.  We ironed on the poodle applique and the jeweled collar and we glued the sequins!


Here is the crinoline!  Just like Maryellen’s, it makes my skirt fuller.


This sweater is from Target.  My grandma gave me the pearls and I also have earrings, but they are in my ears.


And here is the show!  She used fabric paint.

And now for one more thing….

I am taking Maryellen trick or treating with me!!!! Please vote what outfit I should put her in!

Here are the choices:


I would do this so that we could both be fifties girls.


-Minni mouse

Please vote for your favorite float and which costume I should put Maryellen in!  For the float, you have the entire day, but for the costume, you have until 5:00 this evening! Please comment with your vote!  Bye!




4 thoughts on “Dolloween Parade+My Poodle Skirt Costume

    1. When I wrote this, I did not have a poodle skirt. But now there is one need to vote because right after I posted, my grandma brought me over a poodle skirt that she sewed for me! It was perfect timing!!!


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