The Pumpkin Patch Part Two!


After walking three entire miles, we came to a small pumpkin patch with only about six pumpkins.  A kind old lady was sitting on the ground and she looked very tired.


“Uh… We are here to get two pumpkins!  Who are you?” I politely asked as Saige stared off into space.


“Hello dearies!  My name is Millie Palmer, but you can call me grannie Millie!  I see the young girl in the tweed coat is wondering  why there are so few pumpkins!  As you might know, Halloween is tomorrow and everyone has gotten the best of the patch.  Why don’t you two pick two pumpkins and be on your way!”


We began to pick our pumpkins!


I picked the plumpest one!


And as a perfectionist, Saige went for the one with no scratches or scrapes.


And what seemed like a waste of time turned out tobe worth the walk!



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