My 2015 Christmas wish list!!!


Dffdfgvcdyarf!!! Oh.  Why hello there!  I was just scarfing down some milk duds!!!  Trick or treating was a hit last night!  Maryellen fought me more Candy!!!  Now onto some more m&ms…ahem, now onto a new post!!  So as you can tell by the collage, I really want Grace!  She will probably be my last Doll and she is super cute!!!!  I have haphazardly begged for on my Christmas list  umm.. Carefully selected these items and humbly documented them on my wish list here!  Now onto the post!!


So here is the Doll!!! I love her meet outfit and I can’t wait to greet her on Christmas morning!!


I also love her welcome gifts!  Just look at those macarons!!


Other than the actual Doll, I want this the most!!  I love the mixer!


THIS IS THE CUTEST OUTFIT IN THEWORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  XD


And I can’t have her baking stuff without her outfit!!



16 thoughts on “My 2015 Christmas wish list!!!

  1. Hi,

    Did you receive the email I sent you about the giveaway with my mailing address in it? Just checking.

    -Ms. AGdoll


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