I’m Going to The AG Store San Fransisco!

main924-242012ag store

YAY!!!!!!  I cant wait!  I am going on my friends birthday in a few days and I am going at just the perfect time because AG is having a HUGE sale right now!  I wont spend too much money so don’t get too excited, but I am probably going to take lots of pictures!  Who should I take?  I cant wait to see the new holiday displays!  I also cant wait to see everything in real life!  I have only been there once and I am super excited to go again!  YAY!!!!!!!



16 thoughts on “I’m Going to The AG Store San Fransisco!

    1. The sale ends on the fifteenth of November. There is lots of neat stuff on sale such as the beforever special edition outfits, truly me items, and tons of other stuff. If you go the the AG site you can see whats on sale. My dolls are Maryellen, Molly, Emily, Kit, and Saige. The AG experience is awesome! They have all kinds of displays and you can even really feel the items in some displays! They have a restaurant, events, and activities for your doll such as hairstyle salon, creative tee’s, and much more! Sadly, I will not be able to go to the restaurant but there will be plenty of other things to take part in! hope this answers your questions.


    1. I actually might not buy anything. since I am really only going to celebrate My BFF’s Birthday, I decided to just let her get the AG stuff! I will take plenty of pictures though! I will take so many, that I will probably have to spit it into two or three parts!


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