Blogging 101: Comments

Hello!  Today in blogging 101, we will be talking about Comments! I am here to handle all your commenting problems!

1.  Hater Comments

You have all heard about those mean people who leave rude and disgusting comments.  Here are some ways to handle these horror comments and how to not do this yourself!

  • If you ever get one, tell a trusted adult about it.  You may think that you can handle it by yourself, but really, you cant. It is best if an adult steps in and deals with it.
  • Certain blogs have certain rules about commenting.. It will be a good idea to check these rules out.
  • If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything.  With blogging, it is always better to avoid conflict.  After all, you never know who really is commenting.
  • Never use dirty language.  Just don’t.  Its creepy and disgusting and the blogger that you are replying to will never appreciate it.

2.  emojis and talking in short hand

  • Emoji’s are fun right?  Well not when you bunch them all together like this:  XD:-)(:  It is hard to read and understand.  And only use emoji’s if necessary  This is not necessary:  Dear blogger, I do not agree with you.  In my opinion I think that so and so will be better if so and so happens.  XD!!!         That just makes it confusing.  The reader does not know whether or not you are serious or just joking.  Also when you get emiji keyboards on mobile devices, there are sometimes innapropriate ones..  Please do not use these when commenting.
  • Shorthand is fun too, right?  Here are some do’s and dont’s.


i love insnt mesnging.  dnt u?


i love instant messaging.  Dont u?

The first one is wrong because the reader has to really look at ot to read it.  Pus, it really is confusing.  The second one is perfect because it talks in shorthand but not too much.

Thats all for today!  Please comment with your thoughts!  bye!



10 thoughts on “Blogging 101: Comments

  1. Good advice! I frequently get random, sometimes nonsense, comments(I assume they’re computer generated). They’re not pervasive at all, but they just have nothing to do with the topic of the post. Do you ever get comments like that?
    ~Christian Homeschooler


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