AG Store Part One

Hello!! Today I will show some pictures from the ride and tomorrow I will show the pics from the store!!!

Suspense right?? Tomorrow will be the inside of the store.


Here is my friend Kittylover106’s Doll, Terry.  She turned ten today!!


And here is Molly and Maryellen in the car too.


Almost there!!!!


Getting the Dolls ready…


She bought the popcorn machine,the store exclusive Santa outfit, #56, The two Doll tote, and Rebecca’s kittens.

IMG_20151111_132021 close up of #56.  She is naming her Katie.


Here are my Dolls!! I got the warm winter outfit!  It is so cute!

So that’s all for today folks!  Look forward to tomorrow’s in stor post!! Bye!



On the two hour car ride there was a Doll dance party with series #1-#7.  The songs included Taylor Swift’s Blank space Shake It Off, Style, And bad blood.  They also so included All About That Bass,Lips Are Moving, Dear FutureHusband, And lots of other songs like those.  There were british accents and PLENTY of chocolate covered raisins and Hot Chocolate.  Thank-you for Kittylover106’s mom for putting up with the crazy but very fun car ride.


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