Holiday Giving for the AGdollawesome Dolls

Hello!  Today I have a fun little photo story for you all!  I hope you enjoy!


The AGdollawesome dolls were gathered around in the un-decorated space.


The only one who seemed to be having any fun was Maryellen, who absolutely LOVES her new paper Grace doll!  (Thanks Mya!)


”  I am SUPER bored!  Isn’t there anything we can do?”  Saige exclaimed.


“I have just the thing to cure our boredom!”


“We can donate some of our old toys to charity!  So who is in?”IMG_20151122_101733

“sounds like fun. After all, the holidays are almost here and what better way to celebrate than donating our old toys!”  Molly exclaimed.  kit nodded in agreement.


“Great!  The first thing we need to do is decide the gender that we are giving the toys to!  Boy or Girl?”


All the dolls exclaimed “Girl!”  in unision.  So Em carefully wrote the gender on the label and taped it on the box.


“Okay, now we need to decide what to go into the box!”


“I think a girl out there would love some of my old Littlest pet Shops!”  Saige offered.


“yeah, and my book will be perfect for a little one to read!”  Kit exclaimed!  They were both told “into the box!”


Soon the box was filled to the brim with wonderful toys!


Happy giving!

that was fun right!?  Are you giving away anything special for the holidays?  I hope you liked it!  Bye!




35 thoughts on “Holiday Giving for the AGdollawesome Dolls

  1. Sweet! I’m donating some of my Christmas present money to give soccer balls and dolls to the refugees in a remote country. We’re also having missionaries go in with kerosene heaters and other life necessities. It’s so cool that other people are giving to others as well. 😀


  2. I did 2 shoeboxes this year for Operation Christmas Child, angle tree, packed boxes for a soldier in Afganastan, and I may help out at a local soup kitchen. I love this idea would you mind if I did something like this on my blog. I will put inspired by AGdollawesome and then a link to your blog. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving
    Geeky_Girl ❤


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