Custom Mini Doll!


Hi!  I recently made a custom mini doll!  I have always wanted to customize dolls, but my dolls mean so much to me that I would never want to chance ruining them.  But I looked over at my mini dolls….  So Kirsten was a MESS.  She was missing her apron and shoes as well as her bangs.  (before I got real dolls, I cut the mini dolls hair and washed it a lot.  Sadly I donated Cecile, Samantha, and Rebecca before I realized I could use them still.)


Anyways, i cut her hair to shoulder length and also layered it.  With a blue sharpie, I added some highlights…


And voila!  You have Bethany.  I think this will be Maryellen;s doll.

So do you like Bethany?  Have yo ever customized dolls?  I would love to hear, so drop me a comment below!



15 thoughts on “Custom Mini Doll!

  1. I have tried many times. It always ends in well “epic fail”. But I keep trying. I may customize one of my dolls. I think alyssa needs some highlights. How did you highlight the hair? I love her dress. It’s Kit’s skirt pinned right? 🙂 I love Bethany. Cute Name too. ❤
    Merry Christmas


    1. Yeah! This is my advice:
      I think you should not customize your only doll because you may accidentally ruin her. But if you really want to try customizing you should customize a mini doll or buy a used, cheap doll off eBay. Hope this helps!


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