Review of AG’s store Exclusive Santa Dress

Hello!  My awesome friend, Kittylover106, let me borrow her Store Exclusive Santa outfit so that I can review it.  How awesome is that!?

Also, concerning the giveaway:

-I am going to pick the winner today and announce it tomorrow.  Next time, I will be much more clear about that. 😉


Molly loves this Santa dress!


There is a fur trim with an American Girl logo on the sleeve, which sort of bothers me.


The hem on the skirt is very well made; I love it!


Around the neck, there is a white lining.


And down the right side, there are smart black buttons.


i think that this dress is very well made and I would definitely reccomend it!


Back in November, my friend and I went to the store together and here it is in the store.



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