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This wonderful girl has been through a lot and she deserves appreciation. Please read and sign her petition.

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While we are excited and running around with the fact that Lea comes out in roughly 10 days, I wanted to share something with you. My story.

Most people were disappointed with the fact that Lea was only 1/8th Brazillian. But I was disappointed with the fact that Lea has no disability. No AG doll, period, has a disability. (Well, except Maryellen, but she doesn’t have polio anymore, so she doesn’t count) I’ll show you how hard life is for me- I have two disabilities.

I have hinted that I have Type 1 Diabetes (and I do), but I have never shared this publicly on any type of social media before- I have autism (Asperger’s, to be exact). Ever since I could remember, I had it. When most kids my age were speaking 3 word sentences, I wasn’t speaking at all! I used to live in Long Island, New…

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3 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Hi Samantha! I just wanted to tell you that I sent my letter yesterday! I hope you get it before Christmas, and if you don’t, hopefully you will get it soon. It took me a while to get the package all ready. I hope you enjoy it!


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