2015 Christmas Haul

Hello there!  Today I am going to show you a Christmas Haul post!  But before I start I just want to tell you that I have no intentions of bragging in any way, I just thought that you would like to see what I got.

Now Onto The Post!


As you guys may know already, I got two dolls!  (I’m am very sorry that my photography isn’t very good; I accidentally cracked the tablet I take pictures with.)


I got Grace’s Baking set, Welcome Gifts, and City Outfit.


My grandma sewed me about ten boxes full of doll clothes!  They could not fit in my closet, so my Mom helped me hang nail ribbon to my walls, and we hung all the outfits!  I love this kind of storage!


My grandma also gave me a doll dress form.


And look who already sewed and set up Grace’s bedroom!


I just LOVE Samantha, I have been wanting her for quite some time now, and I almost got her instead of Kit!


I got the Williams-Sonoma Madeleine baking set and I also got the American Girl Cook book!


And the one thing that was not hanging up was an EXACT replica of Maryellen’s skating outfit!  Thanks Grandma!

I hope you enjoyed!  I can’t wait to review some things!  And look for my haul post of all my human stuff at redheadwithabook tomorrow!



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