Meet Amelia


Hi!  I’m Amelia!  And today, I get to do a short little post about me!  Do you like my outfit?  I LOVE fashion!  Mixing and matching different outfits is so much fun to me!


I also like science.  Like A LOT.  It is just so interesting to learn about stars, solar systems, and the world around us.  I take academics very seriously.  I am a perfectionist, so I like to get straight A’s.


I also like to do jazz.  I like learning the beat and the moves so that I can execute them perfectly on the dance stage.


Someday, I want to become a biologist.  I think that would be really cool because then I can experiment with animal and plant life.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me!  So leave a comment and like this post!  Bye!



16 thoughts on “Meet Amelia

    1. Thank you! I have always wanted to name a doll Amelia, but I fall in love with my historical’s stories and I could never bring myself to change their names. Glad you like her!


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