Grace’s Bedroom Tour

Hello!  Today, I set up Grace’s bedroom and I thought I could do a tour!  Lets get started!


Here is an overview of the room.


As you can see, I used the bouquet bed and I made the bedding.  🙂


I set up her little sleeping area.


On top I have a little Eiffel Tower from Paris, her measuring cups, her sifter, and her little chopping thing.  (I don’t know what it’s called.)  I also tied a bookmark around the sphere on top.



Over on her dresser, we have a picture of her from Mya, her magazine, an oven mitt, and a bakery bag.


We also have a pink amoire, a dress form, and a bistro table with clay treats on it.


I hope you enjoyed! Tell me what you think!  Leave a comment below and like!



13 thoughts on “Grace’s Bedroom Tour

  1. This a dream room for Grace! The bedding is spectacular! What doll wouldn’t want to go to bed dreaming of macaroons and wake up with macaroons too! The color palette is Grace’s favorite and the little Paris mementos add such a special touch!

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  2. Very cute! Where in the world did you find fabric with macarons on it?! Have you noticed that bed is no longer available on AG? (nor is the nightstand they were selling with it) The box you used for her nightstand is perfect.

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    1. I am not sure exactly where it came from! It was under the tree on Christmas among other adorable fabrics. The other fabrics had the Joann’s logo on them, so I am guessing it came from there.


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