Bahia Berry Photo Tour!

Hello!  A few days ago, I finished creating the Bahia Berry Fruit Stand out of foam core board!  I used Americangirlidea’s wooden printables, but I adjusted most of the cuts.  I also did not use her tutorial or placement of the pieces.  So without further ado, The Bahia Berry Fruit Stand!


Here is an overview of the stand!



The fruit is from an OG Luau set and the cheesy buns are made of salt dough.


Now, I think it’s time for a photo tour!

Thank you for reading and drop me a comment below!  Thanks!



13 thoughts on “Bahia Berry Photo Tour!

  1. Cute! I just got Lea and I really want the Bahia Berry stand, but I don’t have the money for it! Crafting it is a good idea!


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