Frozen Beauty: A photo shoot

Today I took Maryellen out and I posed her just standing there.  Normally, I would pose her in different ways and put her different places, but today I challenged myself to do a photo shoot with her in just one pose.  I actually got some pretty good shots!

Challenge:  Take photos of your doll in one position and see if you get a good photoshoot out of it


P.S, I was trying to put Twila in Molly’s glasses so I could snap a “cat genius” pic of her.  It didn’t go so well.


13 thoughts on “Frozen Beauty: A photo shoot

      1. Thank you! So you have any tips on, you know, getting started? Like what to post? I would really appreciate any advice!


      2. Think that what will really get your blg popular, follow other blogs. They will likely follow you back. You don’t need a fancy camera to take pictures, I use a tablet. One of your first blog posts should be related to dolls for example,
        Yo u can post doll profiles, photoshoots, and photo stories. Doll bloggers LOVE photo stories! Hope this helps!


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