The Valentines Day Party

Hello everyone!  I hope you guys are having a WONDERFUL Valentines Day!  Where was I in the last few days?  I tagged almost all of my posts!  Yay!  I’m so glad I did it!  I also updated my Meet The Dolls page!   So today, I am going to debut my Valentines Day photo Story that I worked SUPER hard on!  I hope you like it!

Told from Graces POV


I waited in the corner of our party waiting for the guests to arrive as I ran through the To Do List in my head:

Banners set up?  Yep.

Jip dressed up?  Yep.

IMG_20160208_080718I really hoped that this party would be worth it.  Emily and I put a lot of work into it.  Besides, I was fairly new here and still trying to get my bearings.  The only two people who had really reached out to me were Emily (we shared a love of baking.)  and Samantha.  We got opened together and she seems really nice.  But I really hope that Kit, Molly, Amelia, Maryellen, and Saige like this party.


I glanced over at Jip.  He was SO cute in his little red bow!


Emily was busy rearranging all of the food for the umpteenth time.  “Emily?”


“Yes?” she answered me in her crisp british accent.  “What if the other dolls…don’t like the party?”


“Grace!  I know you’ve never hosted a party before, but all of my…I mean our, sisters always love parties!  Don’t you worry!  Besides, we did the best we could do to set this up!”

I hesitated at her little mistake in words, but then realized that I had only been here for a few weeks and decided to cut her some slack.


“Yeah, I think I’m just nervous.  We did do an awesome job of setting this up!”

“Indeed we did!”  We high fived just as I heard some footsteps.

“Somebody’s here!”


“Welcome to the party!”  We both shouted as Maryellen and Saige walked in.  Being the fashionistas that they are, their outfits were put together flawlessly as usual.


“Wow Emily & Grace, you really outdid yourselves with this party!  It looks AMAZING!”

“Thank you!  Emily and I both said in unison.


“Wow, Jip looks absolutely adorable!  I love his little bow!”,Saige complimented.


“Thanks Saige!  I am so glad that Samantha got Jip!  He looks just like he does in Samantha’s stories!”


Soon, the guests began pouring in!  I loosened up a bit, they all complimented the food and told us how awesome the party was.  Everyone was dressed in a beautiful outfit and we all chatted while we munched on one of my eclaires.


Everyone put in their Valentines, which were to be passed out later.


And everyone talked about the coveted Valentine Queen Crown…


And cast their votes for who the queen should be.


“Attention, Attention!”  Emily called, “Everyone sit on the carpet in front of Grace and I!  The votes are in and we need to crown the Valentine Queen.”


Everyone did as they were asked.


“I know that you are all excited to see who won and the decision is final.”

Murmurs of excitement rippled through the crowd.


“Grace, the envelope please.”  I handed it to her.


“And The Winner is…………………………Kit Kittredge!”


“Congrats Kit!”


“Oh, uh…Thanks.”  She answered as I crowned her.

“any words Queen Valentine?”


“Uh, thanks!”


“Wait!  There’s been a mistake!  I was supposed to be Valentine Queen!”


“Sorry Saige, but the votes were counted and you just didn’t win.”


“Grrr!”  Saige grumbled as we all laughed and I finally knew that I belonged here.



Did you guys like that!  I just couldn’t resist taking a group picture!  Comment who’s outfit was the best!  Thanks for reading,

-Samantha & Grace





28 thoughts on “The Valentines Day Party

  1. Molly’s outfit is the best. Definitely. 🙂 It looks like you put a lot of time into this! I loved it. Their outfits are so cute & Valentine’s Day-ish & Jip is adorable! That’s a cool idea for a Valentine Queen. :mrgreen:

    ❤ ~Ms. AGdoll~ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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