The Animal Adventure: A Photo Story

Hello!  Today I decided to do a photo story!  The animals will be “talking” in the beginning, but towards the end, they will be woofing and meowing again.  😉  Have fun reading!

Picasso was just roaming his coral, when suddenly, he heard his friends calling him!  He knew hew wasn’t allowed to,  But…


He jumped out of his stable…


And greeted Marigold, Jip, and the most daring of them all, Cinnamon.  Cinammon was in the mood for adventure, but it took some persuading to get Picasso, Jip , and Marigold to come with.  But Cinnamon would NOT give up, so they decided to go, but stay out of trouble.


So the four pets began to walk towards the VERY cold pool, just to check it out.


Picasso took a little drink, while The other animals watched.


Suddenly, Jip began to fall in!


did you like it so far?  If you did, comment!  I really like Picasso, but I just haven’t really shown him on this blog.  He will probably be shown more often soon.




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