Review of Queens Treasures (1930’s?) Dress

A few weeks ago, I ordered this adorable thirties dress from The Queen’s Treasures.  I think it looks much more like Samantha’s time.  Above is a retired lawn party dress for Samantha and on the right is the dress that I ordered.  They look almost EXACTLY the same!  Today I am going to be reviewing the dress.

Samantha looks very proper with the bonnet on, but she still looks perfect without it.


Here is the dress.


On the waist, there are three faux roses.  The fabric is a detailed cotton with some woven lace in it.


The skirt is gathered and the bottom has some lace, and then pleats below that.


On the chest it has like a pinafore-type thing.  (I am clueless as to what it is called.  XD)


The dress has a turtle neck type collar.


Underneath the dress, there is a layer of tulle added for fullness.


The bonnet has two rosebuds and a green leaf colored bow underneath.  It fastens to the doll with elastic.


The bonnet has pleats all around the bottom.


The shoes are elastic around the ankle.  It uses the same fabric and rosebud.

imageThe soles are just some heavy duty black fabric.


All in all, I really LOVE this dress!  It IS somewhat misleading as to which time era it should be in, but the quality is top-notch!  Samantha likes it very much!

Hope you enjoyed!

-Samantha the human & Samantha


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