Kit’s Corner- The Chicken House

Hi there!  It’s Kit and today, we are going to take a closer look at the chicken house that Samantha’s Grandpa made her!  (Thanks Grandpa!) Here I am with the chicks!  I am wearing a blouse and a pair of overals made by Samantha’s grandma. Samantha got her chicks from an Easter party, but you…… Continue reading Kit’s Corner- The Chicken House


Kit’s Corner- Baking Easter Bunnies with Grace!

“Hello there!  It’s Kit…” “And Grace.” “And Today we are here for another Jim-Dandy Kit’s Corner!” “And today we are going to make a Chocolate Easter Bunny!” “But first, you will need some supplies.” “You will need, a work surface, a wooden spoon, a bunny mold, and a boiler.” “You will also need some molding…… Continue reading Kit’s Corner- Baking Easter Bunnies with Grace!