Who Loves…UPDATES!

Hello ladies!  This post is full of all the important updates I feel you should know.

So, maybe some of you have been wondering “Why hasn’t Samantha been posting?”

Seriously, It’s been SIX DAYS since my last post on here.  And for that, I am extremely sorry.  The TERRIBLE excuse is because I have been too busy using my time to look at other blogs and then I log off the computer thinking that I could just take one day off posting.

But that’s just not how it works.  A blog relies on other blogs to keep it popular, but the most important thing about blogging is POSTING!  You need content to have a successful blog and I just haven’t been good about that.  I feel SUPER guilty and I’m sorry.  And Mya, I also feel SUPER guilty about not mailing your letter, so can you send your address to agdollawesome@gmail.com again, because I can’t find it.

So I have developed this SUPER awesome posting system that will help me keep up with both of my blogs!  I have a day off each week so that means that I can just take a day to catch up on social media.  This day will probably be a Friday, but I can’t guarantee that. So here it is!

Monday: redheadwithabook

Tuesday: agdollawesome



Friday: usual break day



So!  Now onto the next topic:  My Blogiversary.

So my blogiversary is on April 7th.  But of course, my huge field trip is on that day.  The bus leaves at 5:30 in the morning and it depends on traffic to get home.  So that means no time to post on that day.  So I decided to celebrate my blogiversary over the course of a week!  Starting on April 1st, I will post every day fun posts on agdollawesome.  And on April 8th, I will celebrate with a  HUGE Surprise!  😀

Next year, on my birthday, I hope to save up enough money to get a decent amount of stuff on a trip to the AG place.  I think it will be so much fun to save because I started a business!  I am selling poholders and I can’t wait to get some profit!

Goodbye for now!  I think 380 words is quite the update post!   Tommorow I will post again!




12 thoughts on “Who Loves…UPDATES!

      1. I actually have 104.35 I keep mixing that up. I want to get to 200 dollars and then buy an AG doll with money still left over


  1. Doesn’t a posting schedule help SO much?! I recently just figured out one for Delightful World of Dolls too and it helps me to stay on track. In case you’re curious…
    Sunday – No posts!
    Monday – Post
    Tuesday – No post
    Wednesday – Post
    Thursday – No post
    Friday – Post
    Saturday – Post

    And happy early blogiversary by the way! That is so exciting!!

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