Animal Adventures-Part Two

Hello there!  Today I will be posting part two of the Animal Adventures!  Yo can read Part One HERE.


And suddenly, Jip fell in!


Luckliy, Picasso caught him just in time!


“Wow, Picasso!  Thank you so much for saving me!”

“No problem. Lets just go home now, I’ve had enough adventure for today.”

“but Picasso!”  Cinnamon whined, “You promised adventure!  We haven’t even barely started yet!”

“Okay, fine.  Just a few more though!”


“I’ll be fine with that, as long as I get to ride on Picasso!”

“Alright!  Just jump on my back.”


So the three animals set out On their journey.


After a bit of a walk, the pets arrived at the pitching net.


“Lets climb it!”, Cinnamon suggested.

“I can’t fit, but you three are welcome to try.”  Picasso resisted.


So the 2 dogs and the cat began to climb.



But suddenly, they lost balance and began to fall!

-To Be Continued-

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