Spring Profiles and Group Pics

Hello lovelies!  I know that some of you have been asking for a group shot.  Well, I totally agree because:

a) The last time I did a group shot was when I started this blog

b) I only had four doll back then and I got four more…

c) I thought it would be fun!




Do you like those group shots?  I think they’re really pretty, especially since everythings in bloom!

Name: Saige Copeland

Age:  11

Personality:  I am creative.  I have a passion for art and I LOVE fashion.  I am known to wear fancy dresses and elegant hairstyles.

Best friends:  Maryellen and Grace

Name:  Emily Bennett

Age:  12

Personality:  I come from England and I can be a bit shy and timid at times, but when you get to know me, I am a blossoming flower.  I like to wear sensible clothes and Mary Janes, and I love to play my flute.

Best Friends:  Molly, Amelia, and Grace

Name:  Kit Kittredge

Age:  10

Personality:  I am outgoing and I am curious at heart.  I love to type stories on my Dad’s typewriter and take pictures with my Kodak Camera.  I hope to be a journalist someday.  I wear bright, adorable dresses and I like to clip my short hair back with barettes.

Best Friends:  I like to think that I’m everybody’s friend

Name:  Samantha Parkington

Age:  12

Personality:  I come from the Victorian era and that is the era I wear my clothes from.  I am a perfectionist and like everything to be proper, but I still find time to climb trees.

Best Friends:  Emily and Grace

Name: Grace Thompson

Age:  11

Personality:  I love to bake!  I spend every minute of my spare time baking and playing with my friends!  I like to bake french inspired foods and I hope to own a pattiserie one day.  I like to wear modern and fashionable clothes.

Best Friends:  Samantha, Emily, Maryellen, Amelia, and Saige.

Name:  Maryellen Larkin

Age:  11

Personality:  I am VERY outgoing!  I like to make sure that everyone can hear my ideas and I hate to blend in.  I like to wear forties and fifties couture.

Best Friends:  Grace, Amelia, and Saige


Name:  Molly McIntire

Age:  12

Personality:  I like to play with my best-est friend in the world, Emily and I admire English Princesses.  I like to help other people and I wear silver glasses and sensible forties clothes.

Name:  Amelia Brooks

Age:  11

Personality:  I like to keep the peace in my family.  I am also a total nerd, but I like fashion too.  I want to be a biologist one day.  You can often find me reading  or having a conversation with someone in my family.

Best Friends:  Everyone



30 thoughts on “Spring Profiles and Group Pics

  1. Awww, Amelia is so cute in glasses! *runs to find my #55 and put glasses on her* 😛
    I loved the photos! You’ve got some really pretty dolls. 🙂

    -Clara ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gorgeous photos! I like the first group shot best. 🙂

    And the new profiles are amazing! :mrgreen: Kit and Maryellen are my favorites. XD

    ~Ms. AGdoll~


    1. Thanks! Here are my tips!
      -spend time on getting a good spot
      -make sure your dolls are wearing coordinating or themed outfits
      -Make sure your doll’s hair isn’t a mess
      -get them all to look at the camera.
      -set them up, and be creative with the angles you take!


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