Chocolate!!- A Short Easter Photo Story

Hey guys!  I gave up chocolate for Lent.  (And just in case you don’t know, chocolate is probably my absolute favorite thing in the entire universe.  Ever.)  I must say, it has been hard.  You know, not taking that double-stuffed Oreo or eating trail mix with no M&M’s in it.  But when I think of how much Jesus suffered for us, it makes it that much easier to resist the temptation.  I hope you guys have a great Easter Sunday, I will be out of town so that equals no posts from Saturday-Friday.  This photo story resembles what i will be like on Easter morning!  Also in the comments be sure to tell me what you did for lent, I’d LOVE to hear!  Thanks!


Samantha and Molly were just sitting outside on Easter Morning, about to dig into their Easter Baskets.

image“So Molly, what did you get in your Easter basket?”



“You know how I gave up chocolate for Lent?  Well I got a Chocaholic Easter Basket!”


“Well that is just wonderful Molly!  I got a perfect Easter Basket too!”


“Time to dig in…”


“I got a pink polka dot pinwheel!  Oh Molly, this will look perfect in the Garden, don’t you think?”



“I also got lots of eggs!  Ooh look, purple pink… Oh they’re beautiful, aren’t they Molly?!”



“Ooh, and I even have a chocolate bunny!  I always feel guilty eating these, same with those chocolate Santa’s you get in your stocking at Christmas Time.  Just look, they seem so innocent and cute and then we humans go ahead and rip their heads off!  Molly!  Molly?”







“Well you obviously feel no remorse for the poor bunnies.”




19 thoughts on “Chocolate!!- A Short Easter Photo Story

  1. LOLOL!! This was so funny!
    And good for you for giving up chocolate for Lent–that must have been so hard! I gave up spending any money, which was really hard for me, but like you said, it doesn’t seem that hard when I think of all that Jesus did for us. 🙂

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  2. I love chocolate, and I have a friend who literally eats about 5 giant slabs in a week (and he’s skinny as a stick)! He gave up BUYING chocolate for Lent, so he could have chocolate, but only if other people gave it to him, lol. 😛

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  3. Haha! Loved reading this! Molly is so goofy… my Molly is, too! I love, love, LOVE chocolate. I get to eat it every school day if I do neat handwriting in school as a reward. I’m excited for Easter. Maybe mom will let me have chocolate without having to do ANY school… BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!
    As you can tell, I love chocolate. Especially if there’s no school attached.

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