Blogiversary- Day 2

Hello!  Today for my second Blogiversary post, I will be featuring my stats for my whole of blogging!  Are you ready?!

Posts- I have 225 published posts!

Views- I have 11,590 views!  Wow, thanks so much everyone!

Visitors- I have 2,192 visitors.

Top Commenters- (In order)

-Mya, 108

-Geeky Girl, 52

-Rutvi, 52

-jackylina, 46

-Clara, 35

I have international views from Germany, Australia, Romania, Italy, Ireland, Thailand, India, spain, Phillipines, Tanzania, & Brazil.

Weirdest search term-

-Samantha latest pics with dog 2016

I have 75 followers!


Thank you guys so much for these amazing stats!



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