Blogiversary Day 4- American Girl Doll Life Hacks


Hello there!  Today, I am going to show you some awesome American Girl Doll Life Hacks I have come up with myself!  I hope you enjoy this post, I put a lot of time into it.  Now let’s get started with #1!

1.  Organizing your Dolls after you take their pictures

How, exactly, would you do this?  Well the simplest way that I have figured out to do is to take the time to put their meet outfits on after you undress them from their clothes from the photo shoot.  You should also really put their clothes completely away, so it doesn’t make for an unorganized doll space.  If you have more than two dolls, I recommend using a bin to store their meet outfits near where you keep your dolls for easy access.


2.  Organize your Doll’s shoes in a closet jewelry holder. 

I think that this is very handy because you can most likely get a pocket jewelry holder at any Target or Walmart.  I like it because you can hang it in your closet and because every pocket is perfect for shoes and the bottom pockets are perfect for boots.

3.  How to make your doll’s eyes stay open temporarily. 

Just like you can make their eyes stay closed , you can also make them stay open!  Just stick an eyebrow piece into the top eyelid instead of the bottom eyelid, and have them lay down to test it!


4. Display your Doll’s clothes with neatness and elegance on the wall!

To do this, all you need is a piece of string cut to the desired length and wall tacks!  Put one tack n the wall and tie the string in a knot around it, then put the other tack parallel to the other one and tie it also in a knot.  Now you can hang your dresses on the string with ease!

5. Save your American Girl Boxes For Organization

I find that AG boxes are spacious and they can fit lots of item in them! So if you have a lot of AG items, you can store them in their boxes!


BONUS- How I put “Chocolate” on Molly

A lot of you asked how I put the chocolate on Molly in one of my Easter posts. For this bonus hack, the secret is…clay!  I just took little pieces off some chocolate colored clay and pressed them on her arms and cheeks.  But be careful, it probably could stain your dolls if you leave it on too long!


I really hoped you enjoyed this post!  Always feel free to leave a comment!  Bye!



12 thoughts on “Blogiversary Day 4- American Girl Doll Life Hacks

      1. Nope! Not unless you leave it in for a very long time, then it will kinda have that shape for just a little bit, and then goes back to normal. I’ve been doing it to my dolls ever since I’ve had them, and their eyelashes are still perfect! 🙂

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  1. Keeping “my” doll items organized is my constant struggle! I get all the pieces together for a photo shoot or review and the kids find it and it’s all over the house again! Darn kids thinking that they should get to play with their toys!😋


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