AG WordPress Blogging Awards

ag wordpress blogger awards

Hello there!  I have something very special to announce… the AG blogger awards!  Every year, I will post awards that are meant to honor the special AG Bloggers out there!  But…How am I supposed to choose between the millions of AG WordPress Blogs out there to select ONE winner!  That would almost be impossible, because you are all such wonderful bloggers!  So, I vote…that YOU vote!  In the comments in this very post.  I would like you to nominate a blogger and the title of the post (if needed)  for every category.  Here they are:

  1.  Best AG Blog
  2. Best new AG Blog
  3. Best AG Blog Design
  4. Kindest AG Blogger
  5. Best AG photographer
  6. Best AG Photoshoot
  7. Best AG photo Story
  8. Best AG Photo story series
  9. Best WordPress Theme
  10. Most creative AG Blogger

You can’t nominate me, and you can’t nominate yourself.  This is also only open to WordPress Bloggers.  So no Blogger Bloggers can vote, be nominated, or win.  For 1 and 4, please give me a 1 sentence reason why you choose them.  Next Sunday is when they are due and I urge you to vote!  Every AG Blogger has a right to have a say in who will win!  Please vote!



12 thoughts on “AG WordPress Blogging Awards

  1. Just wondering, do we have to do every single one? Cause I might not be able to think of one for every category – I don’t follow a ton of WordPress AG blogs 😉


  2. 1. Jaclynn from
    4. Clara from
    5. Sydney Rose from
    6. Maryellen’s Autumn Jumper by Sydney Rose
    8. The Guiding Compass by American Girl Doll Artist at
    10. Kait from
    Sorry, I couldn’t think of one for every category!;)

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  3. 4. Loren from house of AG! She’s VERY nice. I have conversations with her, and she’s great. I think she deserves that award! 🙂 She’s also bright, and will talk to you about anything. She doesn’t have her mind LIMITED to certain things, and isn’t afraid to speak up about what she believes. And she’s also got some great things to talk about, so that the conversation isn’t JUST ‘ummmmm’s and ‘uuhhhh’s!! 😉 THAT’S why I put her! 😀

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  4. 4. Clara from Clara’s Craft Corner- she is one of the nicest people ever and always leaves super nice, friendly comments. She’s also fun, funny, and a fangirl and I’m so happy to have her as an online friend 🙂
    5. I’d have to say probably Clarisse’s Closet. She hardly posts anymore, I’m not even sure if she will again, but her photography is AMAZING and has left me speechless millions of times.
    6. The Guiding Compass by American Girl Doll Artist from
    10. Christian Homeschooler from Treasured Friendships with a Flair!

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  5. 1. idk
    2. Buzz About AG
    3. Little House of American Girl
    4. Grace (the Girl Upstairs). She always leaves super sweet comments on my posts.
    5. Hayley at Flourishing by Restful Falls. (She doesn’t post many AG things anymore, but her doll photoshoots are always really good.)
    6. idk
    7. idk
    8. Clara’s Craft Corner’s “Smallones”
    9. idk
    10. idk

    Cool idea, Samantha!


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