Summer Goals For AgDollAwesome


Hello everybody!  Today, I’m going to share with you my goals for the Summer for this blog.  Some of them I might accomplish!

1.  100 Followers

YES!  We are at eighty something right now and it would be great if you followed!  If we reach it by the end of the Summer, there will for sure be a giveaway!

2.  35 posts, on schedule

Pretty self explanatory.

3. Photo story Series

I think this would be quite fun!  It might not happen by the end of the summer, but I’ll certainly try!

4.  Camp Doll Diaries

I hope that my dolls will go to camp this year!

5.  Try Clara’s Photo  Storage Hack

I’m 93% full, so I will try to try it!


That pretty much wraps up my Summer goals!  I get out on June eighth!  Can’t wait!  Also, Happy  Memorial Day, I have a Memorial Day post coming on Tuesday!  See ya’ later!



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