Ice Cream Cart


Hello everybody!  About two weeks ago, my Grandpa made me an exact replica of AG’s new Ice Cream cart!  It is made out of wood, and it even comes with all of the shelves that AG has!I love it so much, and a big thank you to Grandpa for making it for me!

So after I got it, I realized that I had no ice cream to put in it!  So when I was home sick, I decided to get out all of the clay and colorful beads I could find and I set to work!  I can’t wait to show it to you all today!


First, I wanted to show you Amelia’s Ice Cream Day outfit, I thought it looked really fun and young!  i combined the pants and the top that my Grandma made, the Tweed driver’s Cap from American Girl, and the Truly Me Meet Outfit Shoes from American Girl.


The front of the Ice Cream Cart was hand painted by my Grandma!  I love it so much and all the detail that was put into it!


The bottom has faux wheels.


The top has 2 scoop holders and several compartments for the ice cream!


On the back, there is a cabinet for storage that actually opens!


And there is also a little glass to protect the ice cream!

Here is everything I made!


I made four types of ice cream out of clay:  chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and bubble gum!


I also made three scoops of ice cream, mint, raspberry, and birthday cake..  For the birthday cake, I just mixed in some perler beads and then baked it.


In the front row, I made Oreo crumbs, chocolate chips, and cookie dough out of clay.

In the second row, I made Popsicle’s out of clay, sprinkles out of perler beads, and those little watermelon balls out of red pony beads.

In the third row, the cones came from The activity book, Baking with Grace, the cone from Our Generation, the gummy bears from Our Generation, and the ice cream sandwiches from clay.


On one side, there is a menu.


And on the other side is a towel rack with some cute ice cream fabric for a towel.

I really love this ice cream cart!  It looks so much like AG’s!  Thank you again Grandpa!


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