Camp AG-Ziplining Adventure


Hey there everybody!   Today is the first activity of… Camp AG!  I decided that instead of the weekly themes that the Camp DollDiaries has, I will instead base the content off the experiences I have from my own sleepaway camp!  For today, I just wanted to post a zipline, which my brother and I worked very hard on!  When I went on it in real life, I was so scared, I didn’t want to do it!  But the nice intern just gave me a little push, and it ended up being awesome!  I went on the zipline over ten times over the week!  So now, I present to you…an adventure from the coyotes cabin!

Maryellen’s Point of View


My heart was pounding wildly as my counselour, Amelia, led us through the camp play  area, and into the… zipline field.  The word just gave me shivers.  This was definitely one activity I was NOT looking forward to!


“So Ellie,”  Samantha’s voice shook into my thoughts, “are you looking forward to the zipline?  I sure am!”

Samantha looked forward to every camp activity, she was fearless.

“I mean, I guess…”

But I stopped dead in front of myself.


Because fright in front of us, was the Zipline.


image“So,”  “Who would like to go first?”


“OOH!  Me, ME!”

image“Samantha…Um, I’m sorry, but I think that you have been the volunteer every SINGLE time I ask for one…Every single Time…”  “Anyways, how about Maryellen?  You certainly haven’t volunteered for much!”

“Me?”  I asked quietly.

Amelia just motioned for me to come up.  So I did.  She showed everybody how to put on the harness, but I wasn’t listening.

Soon, I was up, ready to go, with all of my friends cheering below me.  I waited and waited…

But I absolutely loved it!




18 thoughts on “Camp AG-Ziplining Adventure

  1. That looked so real!
    Haha, Ellie, looks like you loved it? Isn’t that how it always is? Being afraid to try something and then wanting to do it over & over! 🙂 It was exactly like that when I tried to convince my friends to jump off the diving board at the pool. 😛

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