What to do When Your AG Doll Get’s Wet-No Removing Limbs or Hair Dryers



Hello there!   A few days ago, while the dolls were playing D&G in the river, Emily was very clumsy and fell into the river!  I’ve watched all the YouTube videos there is on what to do when this happens, and the all involve removing limbs or hair dryers!  I don’t think I would ever touch a doll again if I had to remove it’s head, and I really don’t want to risk the hair dryer.  So when Emily fell in, I decided to come up with a way to not do those things!  So here we are!  Be sure to reblog this post so others can see it too!  Let’s get started!


1.  Act Fast

Luckily, the catastrophe happened at the last scene on the photo story, so all the other dolls were already out of the river.  I managed to snap a picture of her in the water, and as quickly as I could, I got her out.  Be sure to get the doll out first.  Then, grab a towel and lay her on it.

2.  Survey the damage

Take off her clothes before you do this.  You need to really see how wet she is.  The side of her back, her hair, and her bottom got completely soaked, as well as the backs of her arms and legs.  Her face is not damaged at all, and that’s the most important part.


For her hair, dry it off as much as you can, but we’re going to come back to her hair later.


I took her to the patio of our cabin.  Be sure to wrap her tightly in a towel and dry her for a few hours in the shade, not direct sunlight.  We went to Church and lunch, and when we got home, her body was completely dry.



Now that her body’s dry, we are going to wash her hair!  I decided to do this since her hair was basically soaking in a river full of fish and algae.


I used shampoo and conditioner.  The Conditioner is not needed,, but the shampoo is if her hair got dirty.  Remember, if you dropped her in a clean pool, you don’t need to wash her hair.


Turn on the water, and hold her upright.  Put in a dime size of shampoo and massage it into her hair, as you would with your’s!


I put in conditioner and then dried her hair off.


I got her a bit wet while washing her hair again, so I again dried it as much as I could.


Put her hair in a ponytail, dry her in the shade again, and she’ll be as good as new!

Please reblog this post if you liked it!  Have a good Summer and may your dolls stay nice and dry!

-Samantha and Emily



13 thoughts on “What to do When Your AG Doll Get’s Wet-No Removing Limbs or Hair Dryers

  1. You just have to be careful because if the doll’s body gets too wet and it really soaks through the stuffing, the stuffing is packed so tightly it doesn’t really dry and can get moldy. That’s why there are so many videos telling you take off the doll’s head and remove the stuffing.
    I’m a little worried this might happen to me too because I plan to take my dolls kayaking in August on a real lake. I’ll try and be careful of course but you never know what might happen!

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  2. Great post! I think I’d go insane if I dropped my doll in water. O.o XD One tip: while you’re washing her hair, tape cotton balls over her eyes so water doesn’t run into them! 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on Buzz About AG and commented:
    Reblogging this from Sam’s blog, Agdollawesome. It’s a super helpful post! Just a side note from me- if you do wash your doll’s hair, tape cotton balls over her eyes and be careful not to get her super wet!

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