Camp AG: Around The Campfire-Story Of The Hermit


I am so absolutely wonderful when it comes to post titles.  Hey everybody!  These pictures were taken on my River Vacation, and I think they turned out pretty great!  Anyways, the story of the Hermit is a classic Wagon Train Campfire story, (Wagon Train is the Christian Camp that Camp AG is Based on,)  and I’m so excited to be going there on Sunday!  If you want to hear this spooky camp story, go a head and read on!


*Narrator’s POV)

The dolls were gathered around a campfire, their bellies full, their energy almost spent, and their eyes watching the sunset.  It had been a full day of activities, archery, D&G, and fishing.  The other girls were taking a hike, but although the girls were tired, it was still a good two hours before lights out.

So they chatted among themselves, with the faint glow of the fire in the center of them all.


“Okay campers, Quiet down, Molly and I have a very special story to tell…”


“That’s right…It’s called…The Story Of The Hermit!”


Excited gasps came from all the campers.  “Please tell us!”  One yelled,


“Once upon a time…this camp used to to be a boys only camp, and the year before it was switched to Camp AG, one boy was never picked up by his parents.  After two days of waiting, he ran into the woods!”


“Yes, and the police searched and searched for him, but they could never find him.  A few years later, Camp AG noticed that some of their Forks and plates had gone missing.  They couldn’t explain why because Nobody at the camp knew.  One day, while a few campers were taking a hike, they found a trail of forks…They followed them and it led them to…”


“A cave!  Inside the cave, it was dark, but there were all the forks that had gone misssing, a chair, and a table.  the campers rushed back to tell their counselors they had found the missing cutlery, and they called the police.  The police found out that the fingerprints on the forks matched those of the boy long ago who had gone missing…”


“The girls who had found the cave decided to go back again, this time in the middle of the night, and while they were there, they found the hermit, eating a squirrel raw!  the hermit then ate the two girls ALIVE!”  Gasps of horror came all around.


“And he did it..WITH THIS FORK!!”


And all the campers immediately ran off to their cabins, screaming in fear of the hermit.


Have you ever gone to a camp with a scary story they tell every year?  



10 thoughts on “Camp AG: Around The Campfire-Story Of The Hermit

  1. What a scary story! 😉 I’ve gone to camps sometimes, and the campers will tell each other scary stories. They would always freak me out! ;D Great post! 🙂

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  2. Omg!! That was unexpected!
    I’ve been to Girl Scout camporee before, it’s so fun! We don’t tell scary stories- we usually just hang out, trade SWAPs, and eat s’mores. XD

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