American Girl Leaks-Good or Bad?

When you go an an American Girl blog or Website, you are likely to see some leaks and rumors of upcoming American girl products, right?  Right.  But is that really a good thing?  How do these people get the images?  And wouldn’t you think American Girl, a HUGE company, would keep their prototypes under their hats?

The truth is, American Girl does have good security, but the people I like to think of as AG Sleuths, spend many hours of their time doing their homework and tracking down the information, trademarks, and images.  To explain, it’s like a cycle, the AG sleuth finds a leak, posts it on Facebook or Instagram, Bloggers follow the sleuth on their social media account, hence they post it on their blog, and create their own rumors.

The dictionary definition of leaks:

An intentional disclosure of SECRET information.  

That’s right, secret.  American girl does not give away their leaks.  But the real mystery is eBay sellers.  How on Earth do they get those products to auction off?  More often than not, they’re hoaxes, that either have nothing to do with AG or a very old item from AG, hence the reason why buyers are eager to buy, because they are unrecognizable products, tricking us to think they are new.  But how do they get these prototypes, if they’re real?  My guess is that there might be a slip in the company, a worker or something that takes a copy of the prototype home.  That might be completely wrong though, because nobody knows the answer!

It all sounds a bit suspicious to me.  American Girl sets these release dates for a reason.  So that American Girl fans can get the full experience.  Why do I say this?  Because more often than not, the outfits are incomplete.  When Lea’s celebration Dress was leaked, no shoes.  When we first caught a look at Maryellen, we saw a girl with blue eyes and full bangs.  She has green eyes and sideswept bangs.

And why can’t we just wait?  The for The Girl of the Year line is so girls can enjoy it for one year, not the year before!  we need to have patience.

And I hate it when we guess who is retiring next, because why would you look forward to hearing bad news!  At least you would think that would be something you would want to wait for!

In conclusion, I don’t understand the joy that leaks bring.  They are downright suspicious.  The AG Sleuths literally track down this material!  They might be a complete hoax, which means you will never be able to buy it, they are incomplete, you have no idea what the pricing will be, and the trademarks leaked all over the internet are vague and mysterious, because AG chooses to use code names in their trademarks.  All I’m saying, is that It would be so much  better without these vague ans suspicious leaks.

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What do you think of AG leaks?  Also, if you disagree, please don’t be rude about it, I just wanted to say my opinion.  




15 thoughts on “American Girl Leaks-Good or Bad?

  1. Thank you for posting this, I am a member of multiple AG Facebook groups which are constantly buzzing with these rumours. I was wondering if they were worth blogging about, but you are right it is all speculation. It’s better to stick to what you know. I am really curious where all these rumours come from too. Great post!❤️

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  2. Samantha, how do the ebayers get the dolls or other items before they go on sale?? They STEAL them. I’ve been looking into this myself. I have noticed where the seller lives in relation to where an AG warehouse or store is located. The items are sent to the warehouses and stores once it is close to time for releasing the new dolls or items. And, those sellers sometimes work at the AG store or in the warehouse and live near those places. They steal from those places. If I could stop these greedy little you know whats, I most certainly would!! I am trying to figure out how to report them to AG. There is no person to contact at Mattel, and I happen to know that some at AG customer service don’t like it when I call and complain about this. So, writing them probably won’t get the complaint to corporate. It makes me mad when I see a seller with a ton of dolls or other item to sell, and they take them from the store or warehouse, so regular non-greedy NON THIEVES can’t buy them. The Grace bakery sold out several months before it should have, and I know why. The ebayers got greedy and bought them all up. Or, they stole them. I think it’s a bit of both. Now these greedy jerks are selling them at outrageous prices in the thousands, which is MUCH more than it is actually worth, that only a very rich person can afford. These were NOT MEANT to be stolen or bought up just so some greedy jerk can make money. Thanks to these morons, by the time I had saved up the money to buy one, they were all sold(or stolen) out at the AG store and online way earlier than it should have been. This wasn’t fair to those of us who wanted the bakery for ourselves or for people’s kids. I want these greedy eBay sellers to be banned from buying at the AG store and online so they can’t resell for a profit. And, I want the people who work for AG and steal these dolls and other items, to be caught and fired as well.

    I also want AG to set up their website to recognize how much of an item a customer has already bought and then refuse the sale once the customer has hit their limit. I also want a limit of ONE or TWO items per customer for ALL ITEMS to be enforced. This would make it much harder for those who are not stealing, to buy up large amounts of items for resale. It isn’t fair to take more than one should, so someone else can’t buy the item for their doll, or buy the doll itself. Being greedy is just plain wrong. When you greedy ebayers buy out the store, those of us who want the item FOR OURSELVES or our kids ONLY, lose out. Stop taking so much, especially when something is going to retire. If you want to make money, go get a job! Don’t take more AG stuff than what is normal. I am sure greedy eBay sellers read these blogs. I hope they read my post!

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