Summer Expectations vs Reality

Hello there!  It’s Summer and I decided to put together a Summer Expectations vs Reality!  It was so much fun!  I hope you like it!

Expectation #1:  Summer Excersize

I’m going out for some Summer Fitness!


*100 push ups!*

Reality #1: Summer excsercise




Expectation#2:  Tanning

“Aah, what a nice relaxing day next to the pool, i’m getting such a great tan.”



“I’m melting! I’m melting!  My pale skin is MELTING!”


Expectation #3:  Swimming in style


Reality #3:  Swimming in Style


Expaectation #4:  Sleeping In

*peaceful, quiet sleep*

“Aah, what a lovely day!  It’s 10:00 and my bed is perfect!”

Reality #4:  Sleeping In


“Woof, woof, MEOW!”

“Wha- Cinnamon!  MARIGOLD!”

“UGH, I have to make my bed, and it’s only 6 in the morning!  Can’t i get some-Where did my slippers go?!”

I hope you enjoyed this funny post!

How late do you sleep in in the Summer?

Do you excersise in the Summer?

Do you wear goggles when you swim?

-Samantha and The Dolls



11 thoughts on “Summer Expectations vs Reality

  1. My expectation vs reality in the summer is this…
    Expectation- (Around spring) I can’t wait for summer! I’m going to totally love the warmness this year!
    Reality- (By summer) I hate the heat. I am literally dying. XD LOL!
    I love reading these posts! Great job! 🙂

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  2. No excersicing in summer to hot.. xD I do play baseball with my neighbors even though it’s like 100 out! I do wear goggles when I swim my eyes can’t take the cholrine! I sleep in till lie 10 during the summer! 😉 Great post!


  3. Totally relatable, some of my other ones are

    Summer reading:
    Expectation; I will finish this book in two weeks and have the rest of summer off
    Reality: Oh My COW’S POTATOES, school starts in one week and I have only read one chapter

    And, ways to entertain yourself

    Expectation: I’m going to the park and pool everyday
    Reality: I’m only going to watch Netflix and ag tube

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  4. LOL! This was cute! 🙂 And so true! My summer expectation was to have all sorts of free time to write and sleep and do well whatever I wanted to do. Reality: All the neighbourhood kids are bored and want to hang out at my house having water wars and making a general ruckus with my kid everyday instead. 😛

    ginnie /


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