Camp Ag-Fishing with Molly


Maryellen, Grace, and I were gathered around the bait cooler.  Grace and Maryellen certainly weren’t as eager as I thought they would be for a fishing lesson, so I was a little disappointed, but I was determined to convince my sisters that even fishing with me was fun at camp.


“So, ” I began, “fishing is really hard, but eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and catch one!” I finished excitedly.


“Sure, but I don’t understand why we aren’t doing arts and crafts with Amelia!”

I painstakingly ignored that hurtful comment.


“First,” I continued, you choose a worm from the bait bucket, and-”

” EEW!  Worms?!”  Maryellen shrieked.


Maryellen was never afraid of worms.  But I knew why she was today.
“And then you hook it onto the luer like this!”


I cast the pole out, and within a few minutes of groans and “How long does fishing takes”‘s from Maryellen and grace..


I had caught one!


It was probably one of the smallest I had ever caught, which made the quiet snorts even harder to bear…


“I’ll try!”, Maryellen ventured.  I handed her the fishing pole, after all, with Maryellen handling it, I might never touch it again.  But she caught one!  And another, and another.  Same with Grace!  They both caught four fish!


Maybe they were complaining so they could go to ice cream with me afterward, which we did, and maybe thy were snorting from the funny joke Grace had told Maryellen, who had told we at ice cream!  And maybe, just maybe, we don’t make such a horrible team!




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