The Hermit’s Cave-Camp Ag, Part Two

*maryellen’s POV*

I breathed in slowly as Our counselors, Molly and Amelia had us line up behind Hermit’s Cave. The scariest story I had ever heard, and Grace and I were the only ones brave enough to go in.  So they retold the story and slowly led us in the darkness…


We slowly entered though a dark tunnel, crawling in the small compacted space.  And it led us to an even darker cave!  I held back a scream as I glanced around at complete darkness…

But luckily, The counselors brought a flash light, and it became clear,  There was a table, a chair, it looked like an ordinary camp out, but the ground was  LITTERED IN FORKS!


Suddenly, there was a loud whistling, almost like the Hunger games whistle, repeating, and repeating…”W-what was that?”, Grace asked in a small voice.


“It’s the Hermit’s Whistle, he’s very NEAR to us now!”  Amelia replied.  And then everything went dark!  We screamed, and as fast as we could, we raced out of the cave!


I, for one, had had a little too much horror for one day!



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